Heart of Wickedness

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We are Wicked Innocence. We produce fine art photography and video in the areas of Theatre, Fantasy, Horror, Boudoir, SciFi, Cosplay and Aviation with an eclectic mix of dark styles, eras and concepts based on a simple premise: Our art tells a story.

Although we’ve recently moved to the Miami area, we still shoot in some of the places we have lived which include Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas and Las Vegas.

Are you a Model, Make up Artist, Hair Stylist, Clothing Designer, or fellow Photographers looking to create engaging stories? Feel free to contact us as we are always looking for unique perspectives to add a chapter to our work.

We work with those creatives in our stories who are looking to improve and add to their own portfolios and dreams. We believe that as artists, if we help our fellows, then the ocean rises for all of us. That’s why we also teach subjects such as Digital Photography, Post-Processing (ie. photo manipulation, retouching), Adobe Products, etc. The better art we all create the better the world becomes.

Love and Laughter,
Lynn & Dale

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